Linda-Anne O’Flaherty, infirmière
Intensive care Pediatrics
2021 prize
Linda-Anne O’Flaherty
Registered Aromatherapist
Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital in Cape Town (South Africa)

Clinical study on the benefits of essential oils in anxiety in sick children

technique de massage

Linda-Anne O’Flaherty has been working in the unique pediatric hospital in South Africa in Cape Town for 16 years. She graduated in aromatherapy in 2003 and trained in massage technique called “M technique®” developed by a nurse, Jane Buckle, in UK. This method of gentle and structured touch is very well suited to very fragile or painful people.

Linda-Anne implemented this massage technique in combination with aromatherapy at the hospital for children. She was particularly concerned with burned children and wrote an article in 2012 “Aromatherapy massage seems to enhance relaxation in children with burns: an observational pilot study” which demonstrates the effectiveness of aromatic massage on the pain management of these burnt children.

Linda-Anne always uses the same aromatic formulation during her massage = a 1% blend of lavender (Lavendula angustifolia), german chamomile (Matricaria recutica) and neroli (Citrus arantium) in a base of grape seed oil..

A second observational study examining the effects of her aromatherapy massage on children admitted to emergency rooms on reducing anxiety.

The 2021 International Award recognizes Linda-Anne’s outstanding work in aromatherapy over the past 16 years with sick children.


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