Our Purpose

Our missions

Our Purpose

Our missions

The Foundation has two main missions :

We encourage research in clinical aromatherapy

Understanding the mechanisms of action of essential oils

The Foundation identifies and supports research groups that study in particular the mechanism of olfaction on neurological modulation.

It creates space for dialogue and boosts collaboration between academics and clinicians.

It produces and broadcasts a series of podcasts, “Experts voices in clinical aromatherapy” to raise awareness of progress made in research.

Improving the quality of clinical studies and their implementation

The Foundation is keen for assessment tools to be set up to provide evidence on the efficacy of clinical aromatherapy. It assists with the creation of academic guidelines and the publication of scientific rationales written by experts, in particular those on its Scientific Board.

The Foundation also supports observational studies whose aim is to measure the value of aromatherapy treatment. Actual projects are on smoking cessation, relieving nausea and chemo-induced vomiting, and managing anxiety in patients with psychiatric diseases..


We support and value the practice of aromatherapy as a complementary care for patients

Facilitating the use of aromatherapy in clinical settings

The Foundation supports the implementation of aromatherapy in clinical settings by financing staff training and materials. An annual grant campaign is organized in France only.

The Foundation facilitates initiatives using essential oils aimed to improve the quality of life of populations suffering psychological distress in a social and medical environment. The Foundation donates materials (diffusers, essential oils).

Recognising and sharing innovative/best practice

Every year, the Foundation awards the René-Maurice Gattefossé prize to reward a team that has demonstrated innovative and/or exemplary aromatherapy practice with a group of patients, and whose achievement has been communicated or published.

The prize winners are selected by the Foundation’s Scientific Board based on very specific criteria: quality of the treatment; the level of training of the team in aromatherapy; and an assessment of the therapeutic benefits.

The Foundation shares the clinical experience of practitioners and informs patients of the benefits of aromatherapy as complementary care, by publishing reports on its website, organising round tables, online seminars, taking part in international conferences, etc.

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