Our Purpose

Our missions

Our Purpose

Our missions

The Foundation has three main missions :

#1 Encouraging clinical research in aromatherapy

The Foundation encourages the evidence-based aromatherapy by recognizing practitioners who have demonstrated the clinical benefit of aromatherapy in their patients through an annual “René-Maurice Gattefossé” prize – 10,000€.

It provides health professionals with bibliographic analyses of published clinical studies.
The Foundation encourages initiatives that allow the development and evaluation of clinical study methods adapted to clinical aromatherapy.

#2 Supporting the practice of aromatherapy in health facilities

The Foundation awards grants to support the practice of aromatherapy in health facilities in France.

Through its “”Helping hand” program, it facilitates the implementation of new protocols and supports the training of students in pharmacy and medical french universities in the principles of complementary therapies, in particular aromatherapy

#3 Promoting aromatherapy practitioners and their experience

The Foundation shares clinical experiences, expert perspectives and patient testimonials on the benefits of aromatherapy in integrative health. It encourages the sharing of experience between practitioners by providing information and organising meetings.

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