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A new podcast series with experts in clinical aromatherapy

Expert voices in clinical aromatherapy’ is a podcast series produced by the Gattefossé Foundation.

The goal of these podcats is to increase awareness of clinical aromatherapy by listening experts talking about its benefits as a complementary therapy in integrative medicine.

This first series is featuring three french experts in clinical aromatherapy – in french only :

Podcast #1: Dr. Françoise Couic Marinier, pharmacist, lecturer in universities for clinical aromatherapy courses, explains her definition of clinical aromatherapy.

Podcast #2 and Podcast #3: Dr Sabrina Boutefnouchet, pharmacist, professor in pharmacognosia at the université of pharmacy in Paris, explains what are essential oils and their pharmacological properties.

Podcast #4 and Podcast #5: Dr. Philippe Colls, urological surgeon in Clinique Jules Verne / Nantes, explains why he is interested in essential oils, especially in infectiology.

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