Lucile Barré
2016 grant
Lucile Barré
Geriatric Nurse
Hôpital de Clisson (Public Hospital)

The introduction of aromatherapy in geriatrics

Lucile introduced aromatherapy in 2011 to prevent winter respiratory conditions and relieve certain conditions: extreme agitation, stress, anxiety, sleep disorders, pain, bruising, nausea and vomiting, migraines. Patients in these departments, looking for non-drug alternatives, showed real satisfaction: relief from headaches, wellness, easier sleep and comfort in an often very dense care pathway.

The grant made it possible to extend the practice to two other department (after-care/rehabilitation and long-term care) with a total of 120 beds.

pour lire l’article de Lucile Barré
dans SOiNS -no 797- juillet/août 2015

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