Nancy d’Hulster et Delphine Lassoie, infirmières
Pain management
2020 prize
Nancy d’Hulster and Delphine Lassoie
Centre hospitalier Ambroise Paré, Mons (Belgium)

Aromatherapy to improve pain relief

This facility has been using essential oils since 2004 in its palliative care unit, with protocols for complementary care for bronchial congestion, constipation and hiccups. In 2015, Delphine and Nancy, trained in aromatherapy, extended the implementation of aromatic protocols to massage or olfaction in the clinic services for various types of chronic pain: neuropathic, inflammatory and abdominal.

They won the European Foundation Award for their pain management. Their clinical data shows that using essential oils in synergy improves well-being (sleep quality, stress and anxiety management) and reduces the intensity of pain in patients.

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