Catherine Maranzana, Infirmière onco-hématologie
2015 prize
Catherine Maranzana
Hôpital Civil in Colmar

Aromatherapy in supportive oncology care

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The Foundation’s prize is awarded to Hôpitaux Civils de Colmar (Colmar Civil Hospitals), where the initiative falls under the particular guidance of Mrs Catherine Maranzana, a nurse in the Oncology-Haematology Department. The Hôpitaux Civils de Colmar were selected by the Aromatherapy Steering Committee for initiating and implementing an innovative approach to patient care and guidance with the use of essential oils. Colmar Hospital’s Oncology-Haematology Intensive Care Department has been using aromatherapy since 2010 to treat patients’ nausea and psychological/emotional issues such as sleep disorders and anxiety. Inhalation and massage methods were developed, and an information summary sheet is completed for each patient, indicating initial symptoms, application method, essential oils used, and results as described by the patient. According to department staff, their patients, often seeking non-medicinal alternatives, expressed genuine satisfaction through pain relief, well-being, improved sleep, etc. and felt reassured in their often-intense treatment plans. Results obtained in this department persuaded doctors and care providers from other departments and, following a defined action plan, increased the use of oils in other Oncology Department units such as Palliative Care and Oncology-Haematology, within the Elderly Care Centre, and in the Resuscitation Department. To develop aromatherapy treatment methods and train personnel, the Hôpitaux Civils de Colmar established an “aroma group” composed of care providers and doctors who propagate best practices. These aromatherapy-trained professionals ensure circulation of information, activity monitoring and development, and, when necessary, protocol.

Professor Robert Anton, chairman of the Foundation’s Aromatherapy Steering Committee, stated: “What especially attracted us to these initiatives stemming from a field nurse’s well-reasoned passion is that they gradually succeeded in attracting the interest of, uniting and involving several hospital departments, along with the management that supported this mission.

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