Submit your application

Submit your application

The Gattefossé Foundation is organizing different campaigns to recognize and support aromatherapists all over the world.

2023 “René-Maurice Gattefossé” Prize

€10,000 to recognise medical, paramedical or aromatherapy teams that use essential oils as a complementary therapeutic approach.

This award is intended to acknowledge the achievement of a clinically-based team which incorporates evidence-based aromatherapy to provide direct health or wellbeing benefits to recipients.

The new campain will open in october.

One International Prize +  one French Prize
Campaign from 01/10/22 to 28/02/23

2023 Grants

€5,000 to support projects to develop aromatherapy as a complementary therapeutic approach for patients by healthcare professionals in hospitals.

The new campain will open in october.

Only for french establishments
Campaign from 01/10/22 to 28/02/23

Helping hand program – submit your need

The Foundation supports the initiatives of certified aromatherapist to implement protocols using essential oils to improve the quality of life of a population in psychological suffering in the social, medical or prison environment.

To be eligible, the applicant must be qualified in aromatherapy (mandatory) and the project must already be approved by the institution in which the project takes place. The assistance provided (up to a maximum of 1000 €) will be defined according to the size of the project and will take the form of a donation of materials (diffusers, essential oils).

In return, the Foundation will require a feedback/evaluation to measure the benefit of aromatherapy for the population concerned.

The request must be made via the Contact form.

If the purpose is compliant, then a full project presentation will be requested with a letter of authorization from the establishment.

All countries are eligible.

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