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A new series of 4 podcasts in english

‘Expert voices in clinical aromatherapy’ is a podcast series produced by the Gattefossé Foundation.

The goal of these podcats is to increase awareness of clinical aromatherapy by listening experts talking about its benefits as a complementary therapy in integrative medicine.

This Podcast series 2 is featuring four international experts in clinical aromatherapy :

Podcast #6 : Wendy Maddocks, Nursing Educator, and Post-graduate supervisor in New-Zealand, who talks about the importance of clinical research in aromatherapy.

Podcast #7 : Denise Joswiak, registered nurse and director of the alliance of international aromatherapists (AIA), will explain how clinical aromatherapy is organized in the United States.

Podcast #8 : Jacqui Stringer, Clinical and Research Lead at The Christie NHS Foundation Trust, will tell us how she uses essential oils in her clinical practice in oncology.

Podcast #9 : Rhiannon Lewis, Director of the international clinical aromatherapy network (ICAN), will explain the similarities and differences between international aromatherapy practices.

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