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Rene-Maurice Gattefossé Prize 2023

Debra Reis is the 2023 awardee ! She is a nurse and coordinator of the Healing Care Program at the ProMedica CancerInstitute at the Toledo Hospital in Ohio, USA. The healing care program provides free integrative therapies to patients and family members to help them cope with a cancer diagnosis and treatment side effects (stress, anxiety, nausea…).

Debra, certified in clinical aromatherapy, uses essential oils in combination with Healing Touch,  Relaxation Techniques, and/or Ear Seed therapy. Primary population are those with a cancer diagnosis and their support person/family member. Aromatherapy is used to aid stress, anxiety, nausea, constipation or diarrhea, low energy, sleep concerns, discomfort, and tobacco cravings. They reached over 1500 patients in 2022.
Aromatherapy is done by inhalation on a tissue or on aromasticks for long term concerns such as anxiety,
nausea, discomfort, and more. They use diffusers daily in the radiation oncology rooms.

Debra has published numerous articles on complementary cancer care. Recently she conducted a clinical study on the use of Frankincense essential oil in massage to reduce fatigue in cancer patients. Convinced of the therapeutic interest she will renew another clinical study to obtain significant results. 

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