Followup care
2021 Grant
Véronique Pineau
Centre de Médecine Physique et Réadaptation Le Clousis à St Jean de Monts

Internal group training in aromatherapy

Since May 2019, the physical medicine and rehabilitation center Le Clousis has been deploying aromatherapy in their practices under the supervision of their pharmacist, Véronique Pineau, trained in aromatherapy.

Thus, their “Aromatherapy” working group is creating new protocols, with the support of the medical commission of the establishment (CME), the management and the staff.

The practice of aromatherapy as a complementary therapy is proving to be a powerful alternative that satisfies both patients and caregivers. The institution wishes to continue the development of aromatherapy in patient care and has included it as a key project in the 2021-2026 plan.

In this context, they identified the need to train theirs professionals to develop their knowledge in aromatherapy and strengthen their practice. The Foundation’s grant finance a 2-day internal group training for the care teams.

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