Atelier Aromathérapie Hopiltal La Timone à Marseille
Oncology Pediatrics
2021 Grant
Dr Carole Coze
La Timone hospital in Marseille

Aromatherapy workshop for families with their child with cancer

Dr. Carole Coze, oncopediatrician, trained in aromatherapy, is the leader of this project at the Marseille Pediatric Oncology Reference Center (Timone Children’s Hospital).  She works with a multidisciplinary team: Bertrand Pourroy, a pharmacist specialized in oncology, Nadine Robert, a nurse, Emmanuelle Musset, a nurse, and Camille Riechling, a clinical psychologist – all three belonging to the regional pediatric palliative care resource team.

Their project is to set up a series of aromatherapy workshops for families whose child has cancer. The workshops are fun around the preparation of an aromatic formula for one of four indications: Relaxation, Stress/Anxiety, Small Wound Healing Aid and Nausea/Vomiting. Children will take their preparations home. The team hope to hold one to two workshops per month, which would represent 35 to 70 children per year and as many parents.
The grant provides funding for materials to do those workshops for 2 years.

Atelier Aroma La Timone
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