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Pink October event at the Léon Bérard Centre (Lyon)

On October 25th, the Foundation participated in the complementary therapies day at the Léon Bérard Cancer Center in Lyon as part of the Pink October program.

During the Aromatherapy workshop organized by the COPIL Aroma team of the center, we offered 250 aromasticks to patients to reduce their anxiety (protocol implemented at the center).

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This video report shows how Valérie Matter, caregiver, and the Aroma team, implemented a protocol with essential oils against fungal infections.
The Gattefossé Foundation wish you a 2022 filled with success in your projects and inspiring meetings around clinical aromatherapy.
The Gattefossé Foundation offered a special helping hand program to support medical teams in hospitals since November 2020 and offers aromasticks or diffusers with essential oils aimed to reduce stress and anxiety.