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Hematologists at the Limoges University Hospital integrate aromatherapy into their support care

Jean Toniolo (Nurse), Françoise Couic-Marinier (Scientific council), Dr Remenieras (Hematologist), Joanna Maurière (Nurse), Sophie Gattefossé-Moyrand (Presidente) et Karine Bonpas (Caregiver).

On Thursday, January 27, 2022, Sophie Gattefossé Moyrand, president, and Françoise Couic-Marinier, member of the scientific council of the Gattefossé Foundation, awarded a 2021 grant to the aroma team of the hematology department of the Limoges University Hospital.

‘The heart of our mission is to cure the patient and we have always tried to offer support and comfortable care for our immunocompromised patients who have many chemicaltherapies. Today, I am happy to see that aromatherapy meets this objective and is integrated into the hematology department. It complements drug therapy and brings well-being to our patients.’ says Dr. Liliane Remenieras, Hematologist.

Complementary approach meets the needs of cancer patients who want to be supported from the collateral effects of treatment.

The grant from the Gattefossé Foundation will allow the development of this aromatherapy in the hematology department.


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