Risk assessment

Aromatherapy can be used with minimal risk when it is used by inhalation and supervised by caregivers. The scientific board evaluates the risk assessment on the use of aromasticks.

The corporate brochure

Since 2008, to pay tribute to René Maurice Gattefossé, the Foundation supports and accompanies the development of clinical aromatherapy as complementary care for the well-being of patients.

A new series of 4 podcasts in english

The Foundation interview four experts from its international jury : Wendy Maddocks, Denise Joswiak, Jacqui Stringer and Rhiannon Lewis. They explain how clinical aromatherapy is practiced in their countries.

White paper from the scientific board

This article is a reminder of the essential points to consider when reading and recognizing good quality studies as well as the important parameters to integrate when conducting a clinical study in aromatherapy.

The untold story of René-Maurice Gattefossé

Replay of the recorded presentation made at Botanica 2020 by Sophie Gattefossé-Moyrand and Ségolène Moyrand-Gros, the granddaughter and great-granddaughter of René-Maurice Gattefossé.