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Aromatherapy: a supportive oncology care

On November 22, 2021, Marlene Wenzel, nurse at the Franche-Comté hospital, received a 2021 grant from Sophie Gattefossé Moyrand.

She has set up aromatherapy  at the oncology department to bring supportive care for patients suffering from chemo-induced side effects.

Marlène is the driving force behind this project which brings together oncologists, pharmacists, psychologists and nurses. Three aromatic protocols were developed to reduce the undesirable effects of chemotherapy = nausea, anxiety and hand-foot syndrome.

The patients immediately adopted their aromatic treatments (olfactory sticks, massages or diffusions of essential oils). “The feedback is very positive for patient and for care-giver” says nurse Marlène Wenzel.

This project is a transversal project with pharmacists, doctors, nurses and psychologists, with the objective of serving the interests of patients and improving care management. ‘In this type of approach, we are not just in the cure but we are in the individualized care, with a better relationship between caregiver and patient.’ says the Director Pascal Mathis.

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