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A new international program announced at ECA!

On May 20th, a new program is launched to elect the best Aromatherapy Service for patients of the year! 

Between now and October 15th, 2023, candidates should send an electronic poster presenting their clinical aromatherapy service. A short presentation video is also required in the application. 

English is mandatory for all submissions and oral presentation. 

Only 4 e-posters will be selected for an oral presentation during an event called “Aroma Showcase” – a free online event. The event is scheduled on December 7th 2023 and is organized by the Gattefossé Foundation. 

During the show, attendees will vote electronically to elect the best ‘2023 Aromatherapy Service’ amongst the 4 presentations. The winner will receive a plaque of recognition with an award of 1000€ for their institution. 

The goal of this competition is to share and celebrate exemplary aromatherapy services worldwide. Special attention is given to innovative approaches that can benefit the community. 

A video explaining how to create the e-poster is available here 

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